What we do

Digital Futures:

This is a global program developed by Dell which aims to raise students’ awareness of the diverse nature of career opportunities in the technology sector with a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills. The program consists of an interactive presentation and series of engaging video clips and activities designed to be delivered in secondary schools. This program is ideally suited for Transition year students (Age 15-18), before they choose their Leaving Cert subjects. However, it may also be of interest to 5th and 6th year students who are considering their CAO choices. A number of CWIT member companies deliver this programme to schools across Dublin and surrounding regions and some locations in the rest of the country, reaching in excess of 4000 students each year.


Teen Turn:

CWIT has partnered with Teen-Turn, an organisation that works with girls from DEIS schools and disadvantaged communities, to identify girls with academic promise, placing them in ‘Teen-Turnships’ so they can picture themselves in Tech careers.  Teen-Turn aims to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls identify with technology career environments through work placements and after school activities. As learning in the presence of female role models has been shown to impact girl’s self-image and confidence, encouraging girls to see themselves in new ways and stimulate new interests, female company representatives mentor Teen-Turn participants, perpetuating interest and enthusiasm.  More girls exploring and gaining an interest in technology will lead to more women earning technology qualifications, thus meeting a demand for skills that is currently outpacing supply.

STEM Teacher Internships:

Piloted by Accenture, DCU and 30% club in 2016, this programme has now extended to a number of companies that members of CWIT and/or 30%Club. The objective of the programme is to provide pre-service teachers with first-hand experience of working in technology sector, dispel any misconception they may have about what type of people work in the sector and expose them to sheer variety of roles that exist and career paths that people take. Teachers are one of the biggest influencers for young people making subject and career choices and as these teachers with exposure to the industry embark on their pedagogical career they will be able to bring some of the transferrable skills like problem solving, brainstorming, design thinking skills they acquire from their internship to their classroom, and draw on their own experience and personal links to the industry to guide their pupils, particularly female students, towards pursuit of education and career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Find out more here.